Can I Sell My Car to UAPI Auto Parts?

Yes, we aggressively pursue vehicle purchases to maintain used part inventory variety and quality. Call us for more information.

Will you be able to tell me if the specific used part I need is on site?

We do not maintain a per part inventory, but we will be able to tell you the number of specified vehicles currently in our yard and a date of arrival. Also note that you may call any one of our stores, and they will be able to search our auto inventory to tell you the availability of the vehicle at all six stores. You can also search the inventory on this web site.

What tools should I bring?

We provide free three wheel buggies for your use, but you must bring all tools needed to accomplish the job. 

Will you pick up my junk car?

Yes, you can bring it in, or we can pick it up for you. We buy a large number of vehicles “off the street” and would welcome the opportunity to help remove the car and clean up your yard.

Do I need the title to the vehicle to sell it?

A title is preferred, but if you can’t locate it, we can still purchase your vehicle. The State of Louisiana provides for “Salvage Yard Auto Hulk,” a provision that permits us to purchase your vehicle if you will attest to ownership.

Is use of a cutting torch allowed?

No fire of any kind is permitted on the premises including use of propane bottles. As an alternative, use of a battery or gasoline powered cut-off saw is permitted.

What if I need to lift an extra-large and heavy item?

An engine hoist is on site for your use. In extreme cases, we also will provide forklift services at a rate of $25 per lift.

Are scissor jacks permitted in the yard?

No, scissor jacks and bumper jacks are prohibited for safety reasons. However, roll-around floor jacks are permitted.

Is it possible to take in a part to match up?

Be aware that our policy requires that all parts, whether yours or ours, exiting our yard will be considered chargeable unless disclosed and noted at entry.

How old do you have to be to enter the yard?

You have to be sixteen or older to enter the yard.



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